Transformation Stories


After her father died when she was 6, Betsy’s life was never the same again.  She felt bad that out of six children, she was the only one her mother entrusted to the care of the orphanage where she was first sexually molested. At 16, her stepfather attempted to sexually abuse her.  When she felt her mother wan to really there for her, she ran away from home and found comfort among friends on the streets.  Eventually she started picking up men, not just to eke out a living, but hoping someday she would find a man who would love and care for her.  This has not happened yet, but God has brought people who have journeyed with her through the ups and downs of her life.

In spite of her limitations, Betsy has done what her mother failed to do, caring for her son with cerebral palsy.  For four years, Betsy carried JJ wherever she went because he could not walk.  One Christmas, God granted her wish: JJ began to walk.  With Betsy’s faithful care,  JJ has been able to get physical therapy and special education services.  Now as a young man, he continues to persevere with his studies and has become a caring son to his mother.  Like her favorite Bible character, David, she admits to having fallen several times, and like him, God enables her to rise up and hope in the One who loves her truly.

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